"Good Morning Sleepyhead" - A Heartwarming Morning Adventure with Music.

Start your day with a heartwarming adventure in 'Good Morning Sleepyhead.' This charming children's book takes young readers on a delightful journey filled with joy, curiosity, and morning magic.

Join the lovable characters as they awaken to a brand new day. From the shimmering sun to playful animals and the simple pleasure of waking up, this book celebrates the small wonders that make each morning special. It's a perfect way to inspire excitement in your little ones as they learn the joy of greeting the morning sun.

But the magic doesn't stop with the story. At the end of the book, you'll find a delightful surprise—an exclusive sheet music page that transforms the story into a catchy, sing-along song. This unique feature creates a multi-sensory experience for your child's reading journey, making 'Good Morning Sleepyhead' a book that truly comes to life.

Ideal for early readers or as a family sing-along, 'Good Morning Sleepyhead' is a heartwarming addition to your child's library. With engaging storytelling, beautifully crafted illustrations, and the added joy of music, this book is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike. Get ready for an enchanting morning adventure that will have your family smiling and singing along.


JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General,



Good Morning Sleepy head - Children's book

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